In dab rigs, water is used to cool the vapour produced by dabbing concentrated cannabis oil onto a heated “dab nail.”

The user inhales by placing their lips on the mouthpiece of the dab nail, which acts as a melting pot. This suction draws the vapour into the dab rig, where it enters the water chamber via the downstem. The water chamber functions as a radiator, lowering the temperature of the heated vapour to a level where it can be safely swallowed.

Almost all dab rigs necessitate that the vapour pass through a series of minute, submerged holes. The outcome is the formation of millions of little, eye-catching bubbles. These tiny bubbles bring more vapour into close proximity with the water, resulting in faster cooling than with a single large bubble. By allowing the concentrates to cool faster, you avoid them from overcooling herb grinder and polluting your glass.

A few things to consider while purchasing a dab rig online:

Choose a style, any style, and run with it! The most popular accessories for concentrates include traditional dab rigs, silicone dab rigs, small dab rigs, e-rigs, nectar collectors, and dab pens. We provide extra information on the numerous styles listed below.

Which is superior, analogue or digital equipment?

Bluetooth dab rigs will become the norm in 2019. Digital E-Rig solutions, like as the Pulsar RoK, Puffco Peak, and G-Pen Connect, are proving to be a popular alternative for current dabbers who favour the efficiency, portability, and effectiveness of the conventional method of heating quartz bangers nail with a dab torch and timing dabs. Some dabbers love the classic way of heating a quartz banger nail with a dab lamp by timing the heating process precisely.

When and where do you anticipate using it the most? Even if sitting on the couch, at the beach, or in the mountains is not your favourite technique of dabbing, we have you covered. At home, the options for dabbing are practically limitless. A typical dab rig with a crystal banger nail would dramatically enhance any living area.

If you want to dab on the go, nectar collection or an E-Rig may be more convenient than a traditional bong. Nectar collectors permit dabs to be extracted directly from a silicone container. Additionally, it can be utilised to harvest nectar. With an E-Rig, you have the option to dab at low or high temperatures, water filtration, and a straightforward disassembly for cleaning.

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