Do you know which casino games the house has the lowest advantage over?

Casino games like blackjack and video poker guarantee you a good chance of winning when compared to others. Some variations, if played with perfect strategy, can lower the house advantage by up to 0.5% how to play sic bo online.

But to play blackjack and video poker perfectly you need to know the strategy very well, and not all players have the time and desire to study it. Don’t worry, because there are very simple casino games that are just as affordable.

Sic bo and big and small bets

Sic bo is a very popular casino game in Asia, but it is also found in our country and also in online casinos. It looks like craps, because it has so many tar bets to choose from, but it is also very reminiscent of dominoes .

Either way, there are a couple of bets that give the house a 2.78% edge, which isn’t bad at all:

Big: you win if you roll three dice and roll a number between 11 and 17 (but not if three 4s or three 5s are rolled)

Small: You win if you roll three dice and get a combination between 4 and 10 (but not if three 2s or three 3s are rolled).

Some types of online slots

There are slot machines that grant the house absurd advantages, which can even reach 12% in the case of land-based casinos. Online slots , however, are generally more generous. On average, the house advantage is 4%, but there are games whose RTP (acronym for Return to Player) can go up to over 97% .

This means that for every € 10 wagered, you can expect to win € 9.7.

By itself, craps is hardly the most generous of casino games. In fact, it contains a lot of bets which, on the other hand, give the house a huge advantage. A few examples?

Any 7: house advantage of 16.67%

12: house advantage of 13.89%

Whirl: house advantage of 13.33%

However, there are two bets, the don’t pass line and the don’t come , where the house advantage is just 1.36%. Not bad really.

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