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We are constantly bombarded by advice and suggestions about how to live better lives. We often end up doing nothing due to feeling overwhelmed to change our ways! Here are 10 easy and not too common tips for improving your health and wellbeing.

1. Preparation:Preparation might not seem like a traditional health tip, but it really is the foundation on which to build good habits, which then determine your results. Begin by grabbing a notebook and “predicting your next steps” by creating a plan of action that encompasses all aspects that you live in. Find out which L-Glutathione 1000 mg  aspects of your life aren’t working and jot down useful strategies to get closer to your goals.

For example, I exercise every week three times Eat 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables each day (write out what foods to eat and at what time) and manage my stress and levels through reading one hour each day.

This is about ensuring you know precisely what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

2. Accountability

When we begin a new habit or routine, it can take a push to get started. I do not like the expressions motivation and willpower because they’re two emotions that change on a day to day basis. We don’t need willpower to brush our teeth each morning, and neither do we need it for doing healthy habits!

It’s important to clarify your goals first with a plan of action and then begin to implement it. I recommend consulting an expert to help make a plan and to keep you accountable. This is very beneficial, especially until the habit becomes a part of you.

3. Avoid “Diets”

Who hasn’t heard about this cabbage soup diet? Or their own attempt at a bizarre diet that eliminated 90% of your regular foods! Dieting or going on some food plan that is drastically different from your regular eating habits will just create a recipe for failure. Sure, in the short-term, you might lose a few kilos. However, I’m sure that some weeks after stopping your “diet” you will gain back the entire, if not more weight than you did before. It’s true that “diets” do not make you feel happy or easy to follow, which is why they aren’t sustainable. We are aware of what “good” food is, but because of lack of time or knowledge of how to prepare certain meals, we resort to shortcuts. Try to introduce more “good” food items into your diet.

4. Make sure you eat right

In conjunction with tip #3, it is vital to feed your body with the right nutrients. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast with protein, a small portion of carbohydrates and some fat. Examples include 2 eggs, toast, wholegrain and 2 small scoops avocado. This type of breakfast will sustain you through the morning. Eat three to four times per day or according to your body’s needs. Some people prefer high protein diets as this makes them feel more energetic , and some prefer lighter meals. Talk to a professional for extra help.

5. Cardio Exercise

The best way to stay healthy is without exercise! Exercise is crucial in living a healthy life of energy, living longer and being more healthy. It affects all aspects of your life, which includes your sleeping patterns, stress levels and digestion. Test different kinds of exercise to discover what suits you. Make sure you do some sort of cardio at least once a day, resistance training and stretching exercises once or twice per weekly (stretches or yoga) so you can create a healthier body.

6. Sleep

As most of us lead an extremely busy life and are often exhausted, sleep is one of the things that gets sacrificed so we can add more into our days. A lack of sleep can result in a suppressed immune system and cause you to be more susceptible to sickness, grogginess and stress. A majority of adults need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep at night. You decide which amount will leave you feeling energetic and fresh the next morning. Make sleep a priority by allowing yourself time to unwind at the end each night in a way that is suitable for you.

7. Digestion

The ability to digest food is the mainstay of healthy living. If you’re not having good digestion, then your body can’t absorb nutrients in your food. A healthy bowel can prevent diseases and help in feeling and looking better. If you are experiencing constipation, you might experience headaches, or even muscle and joint pain. Your digestive system interacts with the rest of your body. It can impact the overall health of your body. If you feel you are getting a bit bloated, begin increasing the amount of fiber you eat gradually. Drink 1.5-2 Liters of water a day to aid in moving things along and start looking at areas of your life that are contributing to an unsatisfied digestive tract. Stress, eating while distracted, certain foods and inactivity can be the cause.

8. Stress

Stress can be healthy for us as it encourages us to keep moving forward and to achieve our goals in life. Continuous stress can lead to headaches, anxiety and insomnia if let to run amok. Stress can manifest itself in a number of ways: snapping at your partner, waking at 3am every night, feeling tired after 8 hours of sleep, feeling depressed or even just feeling “blah”.

I’m not going recommend soaking in a bubble bath or nipping off for massages to ease your stress as these aren’t long-term solutions. The answer lies in analyzing your lifestyle and assessing what aspects of your life you that are out of your control. The quality of our life is directly proportional to the degree of control we believe we have over our lives. If you’re worried about being overweight, take action! If a relationship has left you drained and unhappy and depressed, you must make a big decision regarding your health over the long term. Stress management is a continual procedure of managing your daily life to feel the control you desire.

9. Relationships

Numerous studies reveal that for humans to be healthy and happy we must build strong support networks and bonds. Having friends is good for our health! Every day, take time to spend time with your partner, kids and/or your fellow friends. As woman we actually release hormones called endorphins (happy hormones) by having the pleasure of a good conversation.

10. Act and perseverance

Knowing the latest ideas and methods is great, but unless you actually implement what you’ve learned, and keep it up to date and consistently, you’re exactly the same as if didn’t know this stuff in the first place!

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