Andros Island Bahamas – An Island Not To Be Missed

The Bahamas is an archipelago made up of several islands. One of them, Andros Island, is larger than all of the other Bahamian islands combined. This island is not to be missed if you’re looking to visit a truly beautiful Caribbean location. But first, what is Andros Island? What are its attractions? Read on to learn more. Then, book your vacation to Andros! This island is sure to delight you and make your next vacation even more memorable.

Andros Island is home to hundreds of tiny cays and is home to six endemic bird species. The Bahama Oriole is one of these species and is endangered. However, fortunately, research has been ongoing to save it. BNT and the University of Maryland Baltimore County are working on conservation efforts to protect this rare bird. The Bahama Oriole is a special andros island bahamas symbol of Andros Island, and you should try to visit this paradise at least once.

Spanish colonists first discovered Andros in 1550. They named it Espiritu Santo, which means “Holy Spirit.” They also called the island San Andreas. The modern name is believed to be a tribute to Sir Edmund Andros, who commanded Her Majesty’s forces in Barbados in 1672. Later, he served as Governor of Massachusetts and New York. In 1787, more than a thousand people settled on St. Andro Island.

There are no cities or small settlements on Andros, but there is one small town on its western shore. Andros has very few tourists and is therefore perfect for travelers who seek an adventure. The weather on Andros is pleasant throughout the year. Andros Island is home to an array of wildlife. The island’s warm trade winds keep the temperature warm and pleasant. Throughout the year, it’s ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, or just relaxing on the beaches.

History buffs can explore the rich history of the island. Its legendary pirate history dates back to the 17th century, when it was named the “Republic of Pirates.” Sir Henry Morgan, a notorious privateer and rum maker, maintained a settlement here, which was named Captain Morgan’s Bluff. Andros also has a rich history of pirate raids. In fact, there is a place named Morgan’s Bluff in the north of the island that honors this famous pirate.

The Andros island is split into two administrative districts. The northern half of the island is North Andros. The southern half of the island is South Andros. Thousands of miles of fishing flats and inland waterways mean there is plenty of fresh water to go around. The island is so rich in fresh water that 7 million gallons of water are shipped daily to the capital. In addition to shipping water to and from the mainland, rainwater collects in caves and underground tunnels.

Legends about the island include tales of a monster known as the Lusca. The Lusca, a Bahamian version of the Loch Ness Monster, lurks in the Blue Holes and drags passing vessels. Legends also suggest that the island is inhabited by Chickharnie, half-man/half-bird gremlins. The crustacean population on Andros is so abundant that it hosts an annual Crab Fest.

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