Some useful strategies for offering SaaS

If you’re offering SaaS (Software as a Service) and you are having trouble with the marketing, here are some useful strategies to market it and begin making money from it:

1. It is best to provide an initial account for free to get sign-ups. Once they’ve tested the service and developed an interest, they will be more likely to upgrade to premium models.

2. You must have at least two levels of upgrade. Everyone does not want to go to the top degree, and psychological experts suggest that ‘1 level below the highest’ is the most well-known option.

3. Find out the gap in your specialization and DORA DevOps metrics then rule it. Is your service the easiest most efficient, fastest and safest? You must find out the unique feature that makes it different. Talk about it.

4. Create a blog and post regularly. Here are some suggestions to help you decide what you need to write about: what made you decide to create the service, who are the most successful people who use it (not names, but the kind or segment) How many users have already signed-up What are the tools you have used during development, and why, why are you in beta? Or why did you go out of beta? Which journals or websites have mentioned their service (thank you to these publications or blogs)? Discuss the expertise of your team on the field. Are you an CA/CPA? There are plenty of subjects you can write about.

5. A link to your blog from their account’s home page. It is essential to carry out a regular dialogue with your current clients without sending out emails every so often.

6. Create a feedback page on each account’s homepage page. Ask users their opinions on their most preferred or frequently used features. Ask the users what their biggest pet peeves are and sort these out. You will be surprised to observe the outcomes. The things you’ve been heavily promoting may have not been the top thing to them.

7. Make sure you do some basic SEO of your site. Your site must be found before they are able to sign-up.

8. Offer low-cost promotions. Advertise in the industry magazines. Advertise on industry blogs.

9. Create extremely targeted ads on AdWords as well as Facebook. This can cost you money, but you will get some quick sign-ups. It can also help you identify a good marketing pitch by running A/B split-tests on the website’s copy.

10. No marketing is free. Even SEO. It’s basically trading both time as well as money.

11. You have to heavily market even free services. There is no longer the time of “Build it , and the customers will come’.

12. Find influential evangelists who will talk about your software on their blog, site or forums.

13. Run an affiliate program. Affiliates can really advertise your product and are required to be paid only when the sale is completed. Make sure you provide them with lots of promotional material.

14. Give presentations to various chambers of commerce , or Internet users’ groups (NeN, TiE, Nasscom chapters) about the benefits offered by your services. Make sure to keep it free of pitch and only provide a brief summary at the end.

This can help you get started and you can gain momentum in marketing your SaaS. Best wishes

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