Cowboy Gun Holster History

 Cowboy Gun Holster History


The cowboy gun holster has a history dating back to the 18th century. Obviously, an entity recognizable to the cowboy established its quota of technological and  .458 socom ammo slang names to enrich its unique recognition. Similarly, the gun holster was associated with the cowboy.

In earlier days, the gun was an important assortment of the cowboy impression; however, the guns owned by cowboys were not actually carried around for the purpose of killing men always. There were a lot of other uses for guns with cowboys rather than using them for the purposes of killing people.

There were a lot of tight spots concerning the cowboy guns like the gun should never be used against a man who did not have a gun himself to fight against. Since, carrying a gun was a part of the cowboy’s need for his life. It became necessary to have a gun holster to hold the gun, therefore the term cowboy gun holster gained slang recognition. A good cowboy gun holster would permit one to take the weapon out of the holster with very less movements.

The old style holster that was in use during the civil war had a small loop that was fixed to the back so that a belt could pass through it; however, with this kind of holster it was difficult to draw the gun out. There were models of holsters that were created with a flap that was buttoned along above the handle of the gun.

The Texas holsters came much later and they were detained pretty firmly versus the side of the person that was carrying the gun. This design permitted the user to take the gun much quickly than in the older models. This particular holster was tied along the leg using a strap or string made of leather. This was done to prevent the gun from slipping when it has been eventually drawn.

There were gun holsters that were open in the bottom in a way to permit a gun with a long barrel to be protruding a few inches. This was actually meant to favor the tilting and firing an “old hip-shooting method” but this is highly impractical and a fabricated story.




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