Modern Technology and the Bodyguard

Modern technology has always been geared towards the production of more effective weaponry. This has made it increasingly difficult for the people who are tasked to protect clients against attacks. Fortunately, a certain class of scientists, technicians, and engineers are also working towards the development of equipment to counteract the danger to these weapons. With the development of high impact firearms comes the parallel improvement on body armor.Back View Of Bodyguard In Suit Holding Free Stock Photo and Image

The first incarnation of armor in human history was the kind made of leather and animal skin. Then came chain mail armor and plate armor, which were both made of metal. Through the years, scientists have utilized newly invented materials and recent technology to come up with lightweight yet durable and strong-as-steel body armor. Examples of this kind of modern armor include ballistic armor, soft body armor, hard body armor, the bulletproof vest, and the flak jacket or flak vest. Although this technology was developed primarily for soldiers in the battlefield, bodyguards have been making good use of it too.

Important modern equipment that has made the job of close personal protection much easier is the two-way radio. Communication is a big factor when it comes to securing an area for clients. Working in tandem with a partner, or existing security personnel, such as the police or other private and government agents, requires that you maintain some form of communication. Tactical headsets are also used for this purpose.

Footwear, though overlooked, has Russian bodyguards for hire undergone its own evolution. Today’s duty boots are marvels of technology. They provide comfort, flexibility, and the confidence that you can outrun an assailant if the need arises.

Other modern inventions that are essential to a bodyguard on duty include such unobtrusive things like emergency flashlights, first aid kits, and defense sprays. Guns and weapons are not always part of a bodyguard’s arsenal. Though this fact may come as a surprise, bodyguards are trained to take the defensive stance and rarely do they take the offensive in a given situation. Some locales even go so far as to ban the carrying of firearms, even for bodyguards on duty. This is why, in conjunction with modern tools and gear, a bodyguard must be trained in the ancient technique of hand to hand combat. Close combat or weaponless combat are other names for it.

Another useful skill to have as a bodyguard is the ability to diffuse tense situations, and much more importantly, the ability to recognize potential dangers before they even occur. To be calm in stressful times, to act quickly when needed but knowing when not to act, these are paradoxical yet logical traits for a bodyguard to have. A client would be lucky to employ such a person with these skills.

The modern and the ancient go hand in hand in this unusual yet important occupation. It is an old profession that has existed since the time of the Japanese samurai. Nonetheless, it has raised no qualms about using the most modern up-to-date equipment possible in the undertaking of its duties. The modern bodyguard is a balanced paradox.


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