Google Authorship and SEO

Google and SEO are now very much in demand because of e-commerce, and they nowadays always go hand-in-hand. Therefore, there are many SEO services and solutions that are offered by some online companies that are expert in the SEO field. In turn, these SEO services are linked with online search engines like Google and others.

Here, Google Authorship comes in. What is Google Authorship? Of course, you want to know what it is. It is one of the latest innovated SEO strategies  Buy Google Reviews and processes that can expose the e-commerce and non-e-commerce websites to their maximum potential. In other words, Google Authorship is the one thing that can expose the highest level of the website in cyberspace. Ranking matters so much when there are online searches. So, this is the general and basic effect of the use of Google Authorship.

So how can you avail this perfect opportunity for your site to be exposed by Google? It is very simple. Before you can get a Google Authorship, you must first have a Google Account like an email address. It does not matter if the host is Google or not. As long as you have your own address. Then, you create a link from that specific content, from your Google+ profile (i.e. Blog: Content Chem, Blog: Profile Pics, Entrepreneurs Unplugged, etc.). After that, you can easily link your content/article to your Google+ profile. You can do this by placing your Google+ profile at the bottom of your content/post and add ‘rel=author’ or ‘rel=me’ in the link. For a guest blog, you can place the ‘HTML of the host blog’, your Google+ profile and the ‘rel=author link’. After this, you can add ‘contributor link’ to your own site/page.

Now, if we talk about statistics and numbers regarding Google Authorship, you can check out Google’s Webmaster Tools (Google Labs) for ‘Author Stats’. It is very useful for website owners’ benefits. The ‘Author Stats’ can readily give the site owners regarding the performance of their sites. It can show them mainly the Approved Pages, Impressions and Clicks as well as other important information.

If you are a real owner of a unique article of a certain niche, well, you are very welcome to be added by some Internet users in their Google circles. This means that your Google Authorship is trusted by your target audience of readers. Because of this SEO innovation that is created by Google, you can now track the authors that are active on the net.

By Google Authorship, the authors can be recognized, trusted and followed immediately by their readers. Therefore, when a circle is created within Google+, the authors who post new contents would be immediately tracked down by the target audience or by the ‘fan’. So, the authors’ reputation will increase so as the number of clicks their sites will have. The more clicks on their sites have, the more their sites are exposed to the net users.


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