Relief at the Pumps

It is a problem that has swept the nation, high gas prices! As we see the prices at the pump go up, now at a $4.00 average a gallon, we see the price dab rigs of doing business go up. So eggs, milk, and any other food at the store goes up in price to keep the profit margins the same for that store! We have seen price of living go up just as much as gas prices, and it is creating an economic downfall from this.The Martian™ Original Blunt Bubbler | MJ Arsenal

We see this every night on the news. We are all waiting for some relief, for something to make it better, and many people are buying products for their cars,trucks,and SUV’s that increase their MPG every day!

I have spent over $900 on products that claim to save you 25% on gas usage while lowering your emission, and I have had more than my fair share of snake oils which came in powders,pills, and liquid gas additives. I was drawn in like every one else to a false promise of saving money. I didn’t give up though, I kept buying products until I came across 1 that worked, and after months of trying I found one.

The concept of HHO is really simple and easy to understand. You use electrolysis to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen from water. Both of these are highly combustible, and punch one hell of kick when put into a compression engine. These systems really do work!

I own a 2004 Hyundai Centra, and I was already getting 22 MPG in town. I decided to install a Hydrogen Conversion Kit onto my car for $500, and saw my MPG go to 30 MPG instantly, according to the on board computer. When I saw this I ran this system on the high way and saw I went from getting 33 MPG to getting 40+ depending on how crazy I drove.

The system I bought came with what’s know as a MAP sensor with it. When I installed the system the check engine soon light came on and stayed on. This worried me. I took it to my local mechanic and he had to reset the on board computer because of the map sensor. He then told me instead of installing a MAP sensor all I really had to do was take some tin foil and wrap the outside of my O2 sensor with some tin foil to heat it up and it would have fooled it into a normal reading.

I came to a realization of these systems. $500 is out of most people’s reach for a system that will save them money on gas in the long run. I decided to build my own system and see what happened. The first time I failed in retrospect. I went from getting my 33 MPG to only getting 27 MPG. This was with no map sensor, or electrical equipment. I then made a second system, and got it up to getting 31 MPG. With the 3rd system I build I added a bubbler system, and decided to put a pressure release valve on it for added protection to my car. I then started getting 35 MPG at a 3 amp pull. I though this was amazing!

Water Powered Car, a pipe dream? a hoax? Actually its neither but reality in a sense. What persons are running as water powered cars are actually gasoline cars supplemented with the gases derived from the electrolysis of water. This combination results in a powerful release of energy in the engine’s combustion chamber.

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