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I often wonder why people like newspapers with eye-catching layout and lots of images compared to ones with mainly descriptive stories. Is that the reason why tabloids are read more vis-à-vis mainline papers?

The point that troubles blog-writer like me is whether the readers find my blog readable. I don’t mean if my essays are all bones with no flesh to offer myenvoyair. Okay, my blog is not a well-known entity. Not many visitors drop in, though I’m trying hard to increase eyeballs. But whoever does come.., does he/she find it a cozy corner to spend some time?

It’s difficult to hazard a guess, but I’m increasingly feeling inclined to believe that the more there are other things in the blog, the more the chance is to retain my viewers Igtok review. What can these ‘other’ things be? Will it be some song and dance video? Heavens no. I cannot imagine entertaining my viewers that way if only because my blog is not about song and dance.

The quest therefore has to be within what is feasible for my blog nfl injury updates/. I would like to have contents that concern about the subject I deal in, yet not too heavy or too attractive to warrant my viewers leaving in haste.

Until now the choice has been more toward having rss feeds of leading content churners embedded via a feed-reader. An example is that of latest search engine news that I’ve included in my Words2Content homepage through FeedBurner and Grazr (it sometimes works, sometimes not).

The advantage here is that you can choose the feed(s) you like, burn it through FeedBurner and have it served on your blog. There are other feed-readers, so FeedBurner is not the only choice. When you have a constantly updated stream of news presented in a distinct format, you’ve one more reason for your viewers to come dropping in often.

I discovered that not all blog users know what blog is all about, but this piece of article will make you blog get a high traffic by following the points below:

Picture – You should ensure that pictures or slides relating to your blog niche is uploaded on your blog and links that will ensure that search engines bots spider your website quickly. Also, make sure it is a picture authorized by the copyright owner.

Video – Most rules governing adding pictures to you blog also apply to adding videos on your blog, because you won’t want to upload a copyrighted material onto your blog without permission. It must also be a video relating to your blog niche and should not be void of any pornography or any irritating video that will scare visitors away from your blog. Make sure the video has a reasonable message to pass across, so that your blog will easily be crawled by the search engine spiders.

News – News are a very good content for your blog. If you are able to get latest news on your blog, people won’t hesitate to keep coming everyday for fresh news they will have for the day. People need information, they want to know what is going on around them, they want to know what is happening and what is about to happen. You can get news update from news sites like CNN, BBC and Sky News etc, where you can add their RSS feeds on your blog. With the help of these RSS feeds, your blog will be updated for fresh news anytime those News site are being updated.

AdSense – You can earn extra income on you blog as well by working in partnership with Google. Google is the largest search engine on the Internet and they are willing to pay you if you will place their ads on your blog. Each time a visitor click on the ad, you get paid

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