How To Learn More Outside Your English School

Are you taking up ESL or EFL? Are you getting yourself ready for TOEIC or TOEFL? Are you looking for other ways to learn more about English? Learning anything is not always confined to being inside a class room. In fact all academic programs of very popular have activities tied in with their academics that are done outside the confines of the classroom. It is important to know theories and principles for any field but not putting them into practice or into any type of use will render it useless. They say that unless you use it, you will never really learn it. That is why if you are studying English, you must use it in writing, in speaking and even in reading.KHEAA offers help with student financial aid | WMKY

If you are up for an examination to assess your English skills in speaking, try to practice it by talking with someone who uses it as their first language or somebody who has mastered it already. If you keep on hanging out with people who speak the same language as you do or with people who hardly know any English, then conversing in English would be the last thing you will be able to do. Remember, it is only when you speak it in actual conversations that you really learn a language. Let them know that you are practicing English and that they can correct you with any grammatical errors you make. This will help you master your weakest points.

When you are out in a restaurant or a movie, when conversing with others, try to speak the correct formation of a sentence. Don’t speak in phrases where in you expect others to understand you by just saying two words like “buy ticket” or “want water”, make an effort to really say and complete the sentence you intend to say. These basic questions or dialogues are very essential if and when you are taking any English exam such as the TOEFL or the TOEIC. Remember each of these exams have a speaking part so better practice your sentence formation and correct pronunciation of words.

Nothing still beats reading. Read whatever you like to read, comics even. As long as it is in English! Reading gives you the correct visual of how sentences are formed, how words are spelled and it can increase your vocabulary. Make your reading fun by getting a book or a magazine that you are really interested in. Try to veer away from books or magazines with too much pictures as this can and will distract you from really reading. When you read, this exercise will help you with your examination’s part of reading and comprehension and even the writing part of the test.

These are only a few ideas how to learn more outside your English school. If you are still struggling after doing these exercises, try to list down your problem areas or your problem words and write down the correct way of saying or writing it. There is no short cut to learning, only practice, practice and practice. Don’t stress out too much, it is when you have fun while learning that you really remember what you studied

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