How To Gain the Insight Skill The Fastest In Atlantica Online

In the MMORPG game Atlantica Online, there was recently introduced the home addition. You can now purchase a home and which provides numerous benefits such as an experience buff. I won’t bog you down with the details of all of the benefits because I want to stay focused specifically on the insight skill that is associated with the house.

As you may be aware of, you need the Insight skill in order to display certain furnishings in your home. The only way to gain such insight is to visit only houses that appear under the home directory list as having insight slot gacor. Once you locate the home of your choice on that list the next thing to do is to speak with the acong in front of the door. Pay close attention to the furniture pieces he lists that have insight applied to the furnishings.

To get the most from your insight skill, you don’t want to waste your home points guessing which furniture has the insight. For example, if you see duplicate pieces of furnishings on the list such as 3 bookshelves that are all identical but then you walk into the house and see there are actually 4 of those shelves; then it’s best not to waste your home points trying to target which of those shelves are the ones that has the insight applied.

It’s best to forgo the shelves and pick an item that is more distinctive such as a bed or painting that comes up on the list but that the home owner does not have duplicates of. Now, many users have just slammed their homes up with tons of duplicate beds and couches and this may seem all fine and dandy because its true that the home will more than likely offer plenty of insight but the problem is that duplicate items make for a gamble when it comes to finding out which of those duplicates actually holds the insight.

Another thing to be aware of is that there is a limit as to how much insight is available to each piece of furniture. So if you see another player in the home make sure you view your furnishing and once you gain your insight skill from it, run back to the acong and get an updated list of available insight because the previous player may have just sucked away the insight skill from a piece you were about to view.

It is rumored that you will gain more insight from nicer quality furniture. This is not always the case. Sometimes you will gain just a little below your average from a higher quality piece versus viewing a lower quality item. This process is always a gamble. If one thing is certain about Atlantica Online, it is the fact that everything is a gamble in that world.

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